The SmartBriefTM

The New Standard for Incontinence Care

Incontinence care hasn't changed much in decades. We think it's time for a new approach. That’s why we created a  connected incontinence solution  that's designed to help caregivers work smarter when caring for people with incontinence.
From our surveys asking wound, ostomy, and continence nurses (WOCN) what they think about Near, we learned that...


...said that Near's incontinence solution would improve the skin health of their patients.


...said they would be willing to change workflow to gain the benefits of Near's solution


...indicated a willingness to advocate for Near's solution within their organizations

How it works


Our premium disposable incontinence products have moisture sensing technology built right into them.

When the SmartBrief gets wet...

What are the

Benefits of Near

  • Eliminate unnecessary rounding checks for sleeping residents

  • Support better resident skin health practices

  • Know which residents are incontinent in real-time

  • Increase staff morale and effectiveness

  • Reduce soiled linens and linen changes

  • Elevate resident wellbeing and sense of dignity

  • Lower laundry costs

Watch Chief Health Services Officer, Wendy Carpenter, of Blue Skies of Texas explain the top benefits of using the Near incontinence solution.


...our wireless Transmitter sends the wetness data...


Each disposable SmartBrief gets connected to a transmitter, which securely sends the wetness data to the Near cloud.

dashboard_simple.png our Kiosk in the nurses' station...

The dashboard shows who's wet and how long they've been wet, allowing the staff to respond at the moment residents need care the most.

...and you get the facts. 

For the first time ever you can see accurate, objective data on your team's performance and your residents' voiding patterns.


per SmartBrief

Disposable SmartBrief
  • Built-in moisture sensing technology

  • Made using premium materials

  • Priced competitively with top non-connected disposable products



per day


Service & Technology
  • Low monthly payments 

  • All-inclusive hardware package

  • Comprehensive in-service staff training

  • Performance reports

Adrian Gomez

Medication Aid & Personal Caregiver

Blue Skies of Texas

"Now we’re not having residents agitated all through the night."

Kurt Riedel, BSN, RN, CHPN

Memory Care Director

Blue Skies of Texas

"Not only are you improving patient care outcomes, but it makes the staff’s job easier."

Wendy Carpenter, MHA

Chief Health Services Officer

Blue Skies of Texas

"This is revolutionizing the way we look at incontinent care."

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